Really, There is No Such Thing As a Stupid Question 

Don't be afraid to ask questions. No such thing as a stupid question.

​Many of you have been in situations where you wanted to ask a question to gain a better understanding of a topic, subject or perspective, but failed to do so for many reasons – societal norms, fear, etc. 
But today is the day that all changes. Asking questions is good and for the following reasons because it helps you:

1. Acquire knowledge

2. Eliminate confusion

3. Signal to others you’re listening – which usually makes those around you feel special/important

4. Guide a conversation in the direction you or your peers want it to go

5. Gain empathy through better understanding of other’s views

6. Influence/alter your own or someone else’s opinion/view through a better understanding of a topic/subject

7. Begin a relationship and strengthen existing ones

8. Show those around you that you have knowledge on a specific topic

9. Stimulate creativity and helps in generating ideas

10. To gain a person’s attention

11. Solve a problem

12. Reach an agreement or to “agree to disagree” with clarity

So now that you know why asking questions is important, go out and start asking questions because assuming is never a good thing. 


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