Excerpts from African Love Poems and Proverbs by C. W. Leslau 

Excerpts from African Love Poems and Proverbs. Magical African poems. My choices.

Recently I read “African Love Poems and Proverbs” by C. W. Leslau. C. W. Leslau brought together poems from different regions of Africa in this unique collection of poems. Poetry is defined by Dictionary.com as the expression of feelings and ideas by distinctive style and rhythm. 

During my reading,  I highlighted poems that resonated with me. Here are some of my selections. Hope you enjoy these as much as I and if you want more, check out this book – “African Love Poems and Proverb” by C. W. Leslau.

Start reading it for free:

​”O how big is my beloved, More than all the ones I know. O how lively does my heart beat, When I only see him glow. Love can never be forced; Treat it fondly, it will grow!”

“Wherever I am, My heart is with you, my love. The river can not keep me from you. In my mind’s eye, I see always you, my love. Nothing can divide us, one from one. My heart sings for you, my only love.”


I will never win you; You will not be mine; Your love will not be mine.”

My husband, keep me in good health; Be sure I am dressed and fed; For a woman ages quick, like a bean!”

It used to be, When you loved me, That I was sweet as honey.

But now your love Has passed away And now you call me ugly.”

“Love is. like a baby: it needs to be treated tenderly.”

“To love someone who does not love you is like shaking a tree to make the dew drops fall.”

“The ties established between two families by a happy marriage are stronger than those of money.”

“Love is a donkey freed of all tethers.”

“Dine with a stranger but save your love for your family.”

“For news of the heart ask the face.”

“Mutual affection gives each his share.”

“Talking with one another is loving one another.”

“If you marry a beautiful woman, you marry trouble.”

“If you can walk you can dance. If you can talk you can sing.”


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