Quick Self – Affirmations For Just About Anyone.

Life requires constant effort. Quick affirmations for life.


In order to be proactive I have to know that I can control how I respond to things. Instead of being in a bad mood, I can be in a good mood. It is all my choice and no one elses. 

2. If I make a PROMISE-  keep it. 
3. If you set a GOAL – work to  achieve it. 
4. Focus your energy on things you have control over such as your health (to an extent), how you treat others, personal debt,etc. 
5. Take responsibility for your actions: prepare for the consequences. 

If you do the crime, prepare to do the time. 
6. Don’t let the opinions of others put you in a bad mood. Continue doing what you’re doing and enjoy life. It is too short to care what others think. It’s best to consider people’s suggestions but only if it may help you in your life. 

7. If you make a mistake make sure to acknowledge it and then find ways to prevent yourself from making it again in the future

8. Don’t let others in your life dictate what you do. 

9. Use “I will be” statements (e.g. I will be a better person) instead “I would have had” statements (e.g. I would have had a better life if only I was born rich.) 

10. Note to self : Be proactive and  build better relationships with your family, especially your mother and little sister (siblings), and friends. 


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