Start Loving Yourself Today in 4 Easy Ways

4 Easy ways to start loving yourself today

Before we begin, do me a favor and write a list of names of people that you love the most. 
How many names did you write before you realized that you left out your own name? 4,5,6? You may have even completed the task and written down all the names of friends and family you love without considering yourself. 

This is typical, but it needs to change. Most of you would not put your own names down because you fear you are being selfish. Loving yourself does not mean that you are selfish. It just means you understand your needs and wants and can still help those around you when the time comes. 

Today onwards, when you are asked this question again you will be ready to add your own name to the list. You are just as important as anyone else. 

Here are 5 ways you can start appreciating yourself today:

1) Start spending time alone 
We are social creatures and it’s normal to want to spend time with our friends and family. But often times when you’re around others, you’re not focused on your needs. You are focused on the needs of the group. For example, are my friends and family members full, are they enjoying our time together, or are they injury free? 
By taking yourself out of the group periodically and doing activities by yourself, you get to know yourself a little better. You will gain a better understanding of what you like and dislike vs just going along with the crowd,  which is hard to realize during your hangout sessions. So what kind of activities can you do by yourself that allow for self discovery? 

  1. going to the movies 
  2. traveling 
  3. going on walks
  4. going out to eat 

The list is endless. Create your own and discover yourself today. 

2) Stop comparing yourself to others 
By comparing yourself to others you rob yourself of self worth and confidence, only because there will always be someone out there who is better at something than you are or darker and prettier than you are. 

We all grow and specialize in things at different rates. Grow at your own speed and realize that your strengths and weaknesses are your own and that’s what makes you special.

3) Focus on your needs 
Begin by writing a list of things that you need emotionally, things that are vital, and things that change your mood (positively and negatively). By understanding what is important to you, you can focus on those needs and make changes to your environment and companionship whenever necessary. 

Whatever is important to you is important. Never ignore it. 

4) Perform self affirmations
This activity allows for you to sit down and to focus on your strengths – and sometimes even weaknesses. Self affirmation can be achieved in many ways. You can write down your strengths or you can speak it out loud. Either methods works. Just pinpoint areas you are excelling in and appreciate them. When you feel good, you often do good. 

Often times you focus too much on the needs of others instead of yourself and this can be detrimental not just in your relationships but your careers. There are individuals out there that take your unselfish behavior and use it to their advantage. By learning to love yourself through these 5 methods, you can learn to focus on your needs and benefit in many ways: less stress, more self confidence and esteem. 

Spread the love and share this with friends and family. 


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