King of the Hill Can Help Your Friendship Flourish 

What are the top three cartoons ever created? Hopefully you answered in the following order: 1) Futurama 2) King of the Hill 3) Dragon Ball Z series. Aside from being one of the greatest cartoons ever created, what do these cartoons have in common? 

Simple, these shows exhibit great examples of friendship. Whether it’s Krillin and Goku in Dragon Ball Z, Fry and Bender in Futurama, or Boomhauer, Bill, Hank, and Dale in King of the Hill, you can learn from these cartoon characters. 

Today we will focus on King of the Hill and how we can build a rock solid friendship. What makes Hank, Dale, Boomhauer, and Bill a great example of friendship?

1) Well, they have been friends since elementary school and despite all the troubles they have experienced, they have overcame the problems, whether big or small, because their friendship was worth more to them. For example, during their years in high school, Boomhauer, an individual who loved his cars, had his car stolen. Boomhauer was led to believe that his 1965 Ford Mustang nicknamed “Ms. Sally” was stolen by some “Yankees” for twenty years. But little did Boomhauer know, it was his three friends that stole it and lost it during their high school years. The lost of Ms. Sally had devastated Boomhauer as a teen, but imagine how he felt after finding out it was his friends. Boomhauer could have ended their friendship, which his friends would understand, but he did not. After some brief time and some thinking on Boomhauer’s part, Boomhauer realized the importance of their friendship. It is never easy to let such big events in life go especially when it involves trust, but Boomhauer did it because he knew that materialistic things of this world are not greater than friendship. This example of overcoming adversity to keep a friendship is much harder to apply in real life, but it shows that it is possible. And plus, what you will realize is that years after the incident you would have developed a greater bond like Hank, Dale, Boomhauer, and Bill did. It is not a guarantee. It takes effort. 

2) These friends all have issues, but they do not let their issues prevent them from treating each other with respect. For example, Hank was born with a narrow urethra, a flat butt, and has had various constipation issues. Boomhauer has a speech impediment. Bill has an eating disorder and is sometimes depressed. And lastly, Dale is a conspiracy theorist and is naive to his wife’s infidelities, despite its obvious nature. Some of these issues could be joking points for each friend, but they take their privacy and situations seriously and determine how to respond to each others’ difficulties based off what is in the best interest of their friends. Personally, I would have told my friend about his cheating spouse, but sometimes it’s best to stay out of situations that wouldn’t bring greater satisfaction to that particular individual. Hank, Boomhauer, Dale, and Bill are all very calculating in how they go about responding to their friends. We should do the same. Never let your friends personal issues prevent you from treating them with respect and sincerity. It’s a two way road when it comes to respect so limit the jokes when it comes to personal issues that are out of their hands. 

3) Hank, Bill, Boomhauer, and Dale all make each other better with their unique traits. Instead of replicating what their friends do, they are themselves and help their friends improve. They love beer, “mmhmm,” but they make sure to be themselves. Their uniqueness  make their friendship fun and exciting. Out of the group of individuals, Hank is the serious one, kind of reminds me of myself, and Hank demonstrates what hard work can do for you; hardwork can lead to loving “propane and propane accessories” and may allow you to purchase a midsized home, so your loving wife and child can live in and enjoy. Bill, despite his depression, is very caring. He just seems to love to please his friends. Do not over please your friends in real life some may take advantage, some will not and will return the favor. Boomhauer is a lady’s man and shows us that despite disabilities such as speech impediments, it’s how we treat people that really matters. 
And Dale is always finding new ways to start and make conversations lively though jokes, and shows us that despite a child not being ours, we should treat them just like they are ours. 

Yes, some cartoons seem a little too extreme and do not add any value to life but certain shows such as King of the Hill, Futurama, and Dragon Ball  Z when analyzed have take aways that can benefit all of us. 


2 thoughts on “King of the Hill Can Help Your Friendship Flourish 

    • which post are you referring to? if it’s the stop comparing yourself to others article then I believe all parts of it are positive. This is your life and what you do should be to your best and not to anyone else’s. You may become discouraged otherwise or, even worst, you may develop an major ego which may make you treat others poorly.


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