1 Devastating Reason Why You’re Not Winning Today

Many people want to succeed in life, but what differentiates these winners from losers?

Be prepared to be shocked; the reason why others around you are succeeding, or like Charlie Sheen use to say, “winning” is because winners map out their goals and the steps they will take to get there; while losers just dive in head first without any plan or contingency plans in case their original plan gets derailed.

Many times when we have goals set for ourselves we usually only have the end goal in sight, but we do not realize that a map is necessary to get to our goal. According to Dr. Jan Souman, of Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics, when we do not have any tools such as a map, compass, or the knowledge to determine landmarks-north star in the night sky- while we are out traveling in the woods or, say, Sahara we end up walking in circles trying to reach our destination. Despite every effort to walk in a straight line, we will end up back where we started. It is not enough to rely on our instincts no matter how good we think they are. 

So the next time you want to succeed and become a winner attempting to achieve your goal – whether in relationships or your career – plan it out and set the details in motion.  Use the tool of mapping out your steps to your goal.   And one last word of advice, set up contingency plan just to be safe. 
Good luck and welcome to the world of winning! 


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