8 Websites to Help Build Desired Habits

We all have habits – some good and some bad. But what can we do when we want to change our current habits? Well we can take steps with the help of the following 8 websites to change to a desired habit. But remember that it takes approximately 30 days for the new habits to take effect so do not lose hope when you notice yourself still repeating the same “mistakes” over again, just keep practicing and pushing on. 
Here are 8 websites that assist changing your habits: 
1. Letsduo.com

LetsDuo is an online journal that can be used with a friend which allows for each member to be held accountable. When we’re held accountable for our actions by our peers we are more likely to change since we do not want to let our friends see us as failures. 

2. Justpublish.co 

If you’re into blogging or displaying your knowledge online, JustPublish helps build a habit of publishing your work x amount of times per week. JustPublish sets your draft articles and other projects so they are automatically published on social media sites such as LinkedIn.com and Facebook. 

3. Stickk.com 

A habit changing website that puts your money on the line in exchange for you changing your habits. If you fail to achieve your habit, stickk.com donates to an anti-charity (ex. Trump or Clinton Foundation) – very scary. 

4. momentumdash.com 

If you’re alive today then you are aware of the amount of time we spend online searching the web – productive or not. So because of our online consumption momentumdash assists in changing our habits by reminding us of our desired habit by changing our New Tab page to our focus for the day

5. gofuckingdoit.com 

Gofuckingdoit.com uses accountability and money to help you stick to your goals by having you pay an X amount, up to you, if you fail to achieve your desired habit or goal. 

6. Forestapp.cc 

Forestapp allows you to focus on a task while growing a virtual tree for 30 minutes. If you leave the app while attempting to focus on your task, the tree dies. 

7. checkyapp.com 

We all have an unsuspecting habit of checking on our phones. Checkyapp shows you how many times you’ve checked your phone in a day. This habit can be detrimental especially when we are out in public because instead of engaging with others or being present when hanging with friends we are on the phone distracted. This prevents us from actively listening (post on this later). By being aware of our undesired habit we can change for the better.

8. selfcontrolapp.com 

When attempting to change particular habits we want to prevent ourselves from being distracted especially if our habit involves something digital. Selfcontrolapp.com prevents you from visiting any distracting site so you can focus on a more desired habit of being productive online. 

Good luck on your journey.


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