3 Simple Life Lessons according to J. D.

The best way to prepare for the future is to talk to others, especially those older than us and to learn from their life experiences. On the weekend of June 17th, 2016, my friend and I went on a trip to the Tacoma/Seattle, Washington area and we stayed at J. D’s (abbreviated for privacy reasons) home. She was a wonderful person and host and before leaving I decided to ask her for three simple and easily applicable life lessons that she has lived by and ones that may be applicable not just to me, but to others who read this. Before I continue, here is a brief biography of J. D.

J. D. is 73 years old and is a retired librarian, but still finds time to volunteer occasionally. J.D. has lived in the Northwest since the 1980’s. She has traveled a lot but mainly to major European countries and has loved each of her trips; she recommends traveling as much as you can throughout life.

With age comes various degrees of experiences and here are three life lessons to live by according to J. D.

1. “Time will take care of the situation.”

When bad situations arise in our lives, trying our best to not dwell too much on the situation may ease anxiety and stress that is often associated with such situations. Often times waiting and not fighting against it is one of the best solutions.

2. “Don’t sweat the small stuff

Too many things occur in our lives and if we were to become stressed every time something of such minimal magnitude occurred we would be lost and, in some cases, pulling out our hair. Because of this, we need to pick and choose our battles. Imagine the following scenario:

Imagine that you dropped a plate and it shattered, is it going to ruin your day? I hope not. Plates are replaceable, but time is not. So do not sweat the small stuff and focus on the potentially bigger battles ahead. 

3. “This will make a good story some day. “

Sometimes things run a muck and don’t go according to our plans. One day, we will realize that it will make a good story. But we may have to embellish it a little by providing greater details on said situation.

Example: during J. D’s trip to Italy, years ago, she was on a train and got near the French border, knowing no French. She had forgotten that her ticket had expired and was taken off the train by authorities because of this. Later on she was pick-pocketed but didn’t report it until she was finally in France. This situation is not one anyone would like to be in especially while they are on a trip, but it did not stop her from enjoying her vacation. This event showed J.D. that despite the misfortunes of her trip, she did not let it ruin her trip but instead reflected on it and passed on the story to a lucky individual such as myself. Life is filled with difficult situations such as this and they make a good story some day, and I, Komi, was able to enjoy her story on the 19th of June.

Life lessons come to us throughout our journey in life. Every moment is like a story that is written down in a book. We decide which experiences mean the most to us and then we extract the more meaningful experiences and lessons to live by, so we can live a more enjoyable life. We should not let life lessons we gained go to waste, but instead we should pass them on to our friends, family, and strangers. We our here to teach one another and to learn from the experiences of our peers. Peace, love, and prosperity to all.


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